Dolphings | Dolphin Geo Subsea Pte Ltd
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Marine Services

Marine Seismic Survey,
Marine Seismic Refraction Survey,
Marine High Frequency Seismic Survey,
Marine Magnetic Survey,
Marine Environmental Research

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Ports Services

Topography Survey of Seafloor,
Fluid Mud Sediment Survey,
Sapropel Layer Density Profiling,
Seafloor Image Survey,
Ocean Environment Observation

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Ground Services

Land Seismic Survey,
Electrical Resistivity Survey,
GPR Survey,
Land Magnetic Survey,
Borehole geophysical Logging

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Offshore Constuction

Pipeline & Cable Laying,
Pre/post Trenching,
Expansion Loop Installation,
Design and Technical Support,
Platform and Ship Maintenance

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We have expertise in Marine & Offshore Industry with team members’ years of worldwide on & off field experience.
  • With the full scope of experience and implementation of Safety Management System, we provide reliable source of engineering and technical maintenance support.
  • Together with our motivated team, we continue to be resourceful, innovative and commit to growing competently in this ever changing of the world of marine & offshore

Leading global provider of marine asset
and offshore service in the world